Bigg Boss 13 Day 10 Episode Review | October 9 2019

Salman Khan’s show BIGG BOSS 13 is getting a lot of love from the audience. Like every season, there is a lot of excitement about this season. Right from the start in Bigg Boss 13, viewers have been watching high-voltage drama. The show’s contestants have been seen in full form since the first week.

Rashmi Desai

In Bigg Boss 13 Day 10 Episode Rashmi Desai, who has always done all the work with full devotion, will come on the target of the families today.


Rashmi Desai Fight


Rashmi breaking badly with the taunts of the family. Apart from this, there are differences between Rashmi and Aarti Singh. Aarti is telling Rashmi that she was confident that Rashmi would not cheat her but he broke her trust. Rashmi is seen telling them on this matter, I have some trust issues with you and they did what they thought was right.

Aarti Singh

It is known that Rashmi has been given kitchen duty at home. But during this time, Abu Malik is taunting Rashmi for food test, saying that everything can become tasty, only Bhaji will not eat Bhaji. Rashmi is shown crying after Abu’s talk. Rashmi is saying that she cooks for everyone with great love, but still no one in the house values ‚Äč‚Äčthem.

4 contestants Rashmi Desai, Shahnaz Gill, Daljit Kaur and Koyna Mitra have been nominated to be homeless from Bigg Boss house. This week, mail contestants got the power to nominate female contestants for homelessness.


daljeet kaur


In the nomination task, Paras Chhabra nominated Shahnaz Gill while keeping Mahira Sharma safe. Siddharth secured Aarti and nominated Rashmi Desai to be homeless. Siddharth Dey secured Shefali out of Shefali Bagga and Daljit Kaur. Aseem and Abu Malik secured Devlina in Devlina and Koyna.

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