Bigg Boss 13 Day 2 Episode Review | October 1 2019

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss season 13 contestants are trying their best to be friends with each other to win the game. Where Rashmi Desai tries to be friends with co-star Siddharth Shukla again. At the same time, something has started to happen between Paras and Shehnaaz. Big boss contestants stop and go to sleep at the heart of the heart. Everyone is seen dancing and enjoying.

Paras calls Shehnaz cute, on which Siddharth Shukla pulls his leg. Siddharth gets angry seeing the washroom dirty. He shouts at the family and asks Aseem to clean the washroom. He asks which syllab spreads such filth.

Bigg Boss 13

Paras prepares and tells Aarti that Shahnaz is not paying attention to her. Mahira asks Paras to wear an Indian outfit to get her attention.


The first task to the Bigg Boss household. Paras, Siddharth Shukla and Abu are seated on a chair and the boys are asked to give them a pillow of Heart Shape. In which boys decide whose faith is not to be broken. After receiving the heart, the boys decide which girl to save and tear down the pillow of whom they want to nominate. In this task, Shefali, Rashmi, Koena, Mahira, Daljeet give their hearts to Paras. Aarti offers her heart to Siddharth. Devolina gives her heart to Siddharth. Shehnaz gives the heart to Abu.

Bigg Boss 13 Day 2


The names of Bigg Boss nominated members are Deolina, Rashmi, Shefali, Daljeet and Koena.


After the nomination, Paras and Shefali argue. She says that the true color of Paras is coming out. He has no feelings for anyone. The two are confronted, seeing which the family members are shocked. Shefali starts crying. Paras tries to silence her.

bigg boss 13 2 october 2019


Rashmi talks to Paras and Aarti. She says that she loves it as Siddharth cares for her. Paras asks Siddharth to settle the matter.


Daljit tells everyone that the ration is low, so the family should drink morning and evening tea. Aseem takes a tea leaf and starts making her tea. Pollen shouts at him.

bigg boss 13 episode 2


Housemates discuss Shehnaz and Paras’ bond. Shehnaz says that even though Paras gives him attention, he has no feeling in his mind.

Siddharth Shukla tells Shefali that Paras was talking about him. He provokes Shefali and asks Paras to speak in front of him. Aarti asks Shefali to calm down.


Koena Mitra asks the family to divide the ration properly. She tells Shahnaz to take her ration duty properly. All the families turn against Shehnaaz, she starts crying.


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