Bigg Boss 13 Day 20 Weekend Ka Vaar | October 19 2019

In Bigg Boss, all the viewers eagerly wait for the weekend’s war. In the episode, Salman Khan told which contestants have made more mistakes this week. Salman first raised the contestants in the dock who were accused by other family members. 

The family members put Siddharth Dey in the dock. Siddharth had made many vulgar comments on Aarti, which also caused a ruckus among the family members. Later Siddharth Dey also apologized for this. It was believed that Salman will tell Siddharth very well but it did not happen. 


Bigg Boss 13 Weekend ka War


Salman Khan said that Siddharth’s motive was not what he said and he later apologized for it. Seeing Siddharth on TV, it is clear that his extension was not wrong. In this way, Salman Khan did not let the other contestants make an issue against Siddharth Dey. After this attitude of Salman, there was a discussion on social media whether Salman is being biased. Let me tell you that it has already been revealed about Siddharth Dey that he has written many shows for Salman Khan and also worked with him during the Dabangg tour.

Siddharth Dey and aarti

Throughout the week, the feud between Siddharth and Rashmi continued in the discussions. Members of the house tried to make Siddharth Shukla a villain but nothing could be proved against him. Salman told Siddharth and Rashmi that both should settle their quarrels among themselves. Salman asks Shahnaz to get a friendship between the two.


The third contestant Paras reached Chhabra in the dock. Salman jokingly says that Paras was advising others that you should cry. You should speak silently in front of everyone and speak. On which Paras says that if someone is quarreling, then at least he starts crying so that the contestant in front is silent.

paras bigg boss 13

Paras gave this advice to Rashmi during the task. Apart from this, Taapsee reached Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar in the weekend episode of War. They gave the family a task. Later, they came on stage and had a lot of fun with Salman Khan as well.



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