Bigg Boss 13 Day 24 Episode Review | October 23 2019

From the last episodes, Bigg Boss crossed all limits on day 23. The high voltage drama is increasing day by day in the house. Contestants do not hesitate to do anything to win the task found in Big Boss. According to the snake ladder task found in Bigg Boss house on 23 Oct, who will bite the snake and who will protect them.


Bigg Boss 13 Finale Week

In Bigg Boss, everyone in the house has a morning dance with the song ‘Naagin Dance Nachna’. After this, the task of Shefali. Bigg Boss has given a snake-ladder task to all nominated contestants. Whoever wins this game will have his nomination secured this week. In this task, all nominated contestants will have to build an earthen ladder. The one who builds the ladder first will be safe.

Shehnaz is seen having fun with Siddharth, she is about to apply lipstick to reddish her black lips but her stance backfires. Siddharth gives lipstick color to Shahnaz’s lips. After this, she asks Siddharth not to bother her.

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All participants make a ladder with the task found on the snake ladder. Then Paras Chhabra pours mud on Siddharth Shukla, due to this, Siddharth Shukla gets angry and starts spoiling each other’s ladder. After this, the atmosphere heats up more, Siddharth and Paras encounter each other. In addition, all participants shout at each other.

By the way, no task in Big Boss is complete without a fight, but as soon as the snake ladder task starts, a great war broke out. Siddharth Shukla gets so angry and does not listen to anyone and confronts everyone.

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During the task, everyone is screaming when suddenly Shahnaz and Devolina get into a scuffle. Other participants distinguish Shehnaz and Devolina. After this, Siddharth gets into a fight with Devolina and Rashmi.

Bottom Words!

In conclusion, everyone in the house eyeing the feud between Debolina Bhattacharya and Shahnaz Gill in Bigg Boss. The reason behind this is that in the teaser released Debolina Bhattacharya is seen shanting Shahnaz Gill.


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