Bigg Boss 13 Day 25 Episode Review | October 24 2019

The drama in Bigg Boss 13 house is reaching new levels. The 25th day was also very hot. The matter even reached that the family had also rebelled against Bigg Boss. Moreover, between Shefali and Shehnaaz, there was a fight again, there was a scuffle between Paras and Aseem. If Siddharth Shukla did not come in the middle, then anything could have happened.

Bigg Boss 13: Matters gone out of hand?


Shefali insists on going out of the house. Siddharth Shukla tries to convince them. She says that either Shehnaz or I will live in this house. Siddharth advises him to go to the confession room from Bigg Boss and talk to Bigg Boss. Shefali is not ready to listen to anything. Rashmi also supports Shefali.

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In the kitchen, Siddharth Shukla and Paras find “Chaipatti”. They discover that someone has hidden it. The battle started for Chaipatti so much that Asim and Paras collided face to face. With them the whole house was divided into two groups. Asim lost his temper and shouted at the family. Shehnaz comes there and asks Rashmi to tell me what she wants to say.

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After this, Mahira also flashes on Shehnaz. Bigg Boss summons Paras, Asim and Siddharth Shukla to the confection room and the trio gives clarification. Paras questions Big Boss about safety. Bigg Boss instructs the three to control their anger. Here, Shahnaz apologizes to Shefali and weeps.

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Paras goes to explain Asim but both of them argue again. Paras tries to convince the rest of the family as well, but Devolina gets angry at Bigg Boss for not comparing him with Shehnaz. Shefali refuses to share the bed with Aarti.

Bottom Words!


The next day the householder wakes up in the morning with the song ‘All is well’. There is a debate in family members again about breakfast. Mahira, Shefali and Devolina do makeup and talk about Shehnaz. She says that see if Salman scolds Shahnaz on weekends or not. Shehnaz asks Bigg Boss to call him to the confession room. At this time, Aseem, Siddharth and Aarti enjoy her.




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