Bigg Boss 13 Day 30 Episode Review | October 29 2019

In the last episode,  Aarti loses her temper in the task that started in the latest episode of Bigg Boss and finally stands up for herself. Now she decides to fight instead of crying for her things.

Shefali and Rashmi are exchanging between themselves when Siddhartha orders fruit salad, paneer french fries and unlimited chikal nuggets. The home delivery task starts once again. Paras Chhabra tips Mahira Sharma. Devolina and Rashmi perform an internal discussion. Aarti does not believe in majority, on the other side, Devolina and Shefali Bagga are planning together. Now it is time for Mahira to become a delivery girl but Aarti is quite enraged at this decision.

bigg boss 13 finale

Shefali Bagga departs for delivery. Everyone waits for who will get their order. On the other hand, Shefali Jariwala gives her review of how her Bigg Boss 13 householders look.

Mahira Sharma speaks her heart in front of Paras Chhabra. On the other hand, Devolina and Shefali Bagga do solid planning. Rashmi tells Shefali Bagga what she talked to Mahira.

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