Bigg Boss 13 Day 38 Episode Review | November 05 2019

The second phase of Bigg Boss season 13 has started with a bang. All the new contestants have gone inside the house on the weekend, and knowing each other, they have also started forming groups in the house. Bigg Boss also declared Aarti the first captain, giving a shocking decision to him in the first meeting. The real game started in the nomination special task.

The episode Nomination Special, in Bigg Boss, has been released. Whoever has to nominate have to put garbage on it. In the episode, the new members of the Asim Ghar throw the garbage on Arhan, declaring his decision to be nominated. While giving the reasoning behind nominating Arhan, Asim says that he is repeatedly stubborn in what is not known.

bigg boss 13 himanshi khurana

Ever since her entry in Bigg Boss, Hindustani Bhau calls Shahnaz her favorite contestant, but in the episode it is shown that Shahnaz nominates her by putting garbage directly on Hindustani Bhau. Explaining the reasoning behind this, Shahnaz says that there was no one in this house and no one would be bigger than him. Shahnaz is looking scared of Hindustani Bhau’s funky style and the talent to entertain everyone with comedy.

After this comes the paras. Paras nominates Himanshi Khurana and gives the reason behind it that Shahnaz is trying to forget his old issue with Himanshi but there is absolutely no move in this direction from Himanshi. Himanshi gets agitated by this and she nominates Paras in return. Himanshi says that Paras does not know the whole thing, so he has no right to say it all.

Bottom Words!

After Himanshi, Shefali Jariwala also nominates Paras as a double javelin. When Arhan comes, he accuses Siddharth Shukla of forming a group and nominates him. Siddharth gets angry with this and Arhan, Siddharth and Asim get into a heated argument. Looking at episodes, it seems that in the second stage, there will be a terrible fire in Bigg Boss house and this time the fans watching the show will not be disappointed in terms of content.


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