Bigg Boss 13 Today Eviction | October 24 2019

Bigg Boss 13 viewers are getting new twists daily in Salman Khan’s show ‘Bigg Boss 13’. Bigg Boss has entered its fourth week and a mid-season finale is coming soon. As the game of Big Boss is progressing, the contestants are seen trying their best to remain in the show. 


Bigg Boss 13 Today Prediction

Today, the day of the housemates in Bigg Boss will start with the upbeat song ‘Malhari’. At the same time, a glimpse of the dispute that occurred on this day will be seen clearly when in the morning Devoleena will cook food only for the members of her team and not for any person of the opposing team.

The show’s cut-off and will get restless if they do not get unlimited food and will start making own breakfast. After which Shahnaz intervenes and removes the pan placed on the gas stove and is seen dropping the pan filled with oil and mustard on the ground. 

bigg boss 13 today prediction


The fight between the two teams progresses so much that the two teams decide to cook separately. On the same day, the next part of the snake-ladder task will start in Bigg Boss house. Where we will see that Shahnaz threatens to go to Siddharth Dey to throw mud at him. But Siddharth gets aggressive and makes lewd comments targeting Shehnaz. At the same time, Aseem also becomes aggressive towards Mahira and starts throwing mud at her.

Bigg Boss 13 Day 25

When the first dice rolls, Aarti decides to give Shehnaaz a chance and falls to number six on the scoreboard. But shortly after, the contestants become highly aggressive during the task, due to which the Big Boss decides to stop the work once again. 


At the same time, due to the cancellation of the task, Shehnaaz breaks down and attacks Shefali. The debate between Shefali and Shehnaz increases so much that Shefali decides to pack her bag and leave the house. Now today we will also see whether Shefali goes to ravage house or not.


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