Bigg Boss 13 Punishes Siddharth Shukla | November 06 2019

Today in Big Boss, see how Shahnaz changed his attitude. In between games, he changed his game. At the same time during the task, there was a fierce clash and fierce debate between the housemates. Overall, the entire episode is going to be a blast today. Read all the updates here:

Shefali is nominated by Paras and she gets angry and Shefali talks to her about it. Paras speaks sorry to him. Later Shefali says this to Siddharth. Siddhartha explains it to him.

At the dinner table, there is a debate between Siddharth, Arhan and Aseem. Arhaan talks to Siddharth that he has known him for 10 years and in the coming days will know what he can do more. Paras and Himanshi discus on the quarrel between Himanshi and Shahnaz. Paras tells Shahnaz that she should apologize to Himanshi’s mother on camera. Shehnaz says sorry and apologizes on camera.


Bigg Boss Ration TaskĀ 

Shahnaz, Paras and Arhaan talk about ration work. Paras tells Shahnaz that if she becomes a captain the next time, she will put Siddharth on the pots. On this, Sana says that all her feelings are over. On the other hand, Siddharth talks to Shefali, Aseem and Aarti about Shehnaaz’s changed behavior.

Shehnaz tells Bigg Boss that everyone is away from him. She left her friends and now she is left alone at home. Saying this, she starts crying.

Arhan talks to Shehnaz about Aseem and calls him ‘Chuja’ and ‘Bhikhamanga’. Shahnaz starts fighting Aseem with the loaves. Arhan arrives in the middle and starts fighting Aseem. Siddharth comes to the rescue. There is also a fight between them. Aseem and Arhan fight again and Aseem mimics their walk. Arhaan teases Siddharth as ‘mother-in-law’.


Shefali and Himanshi get annoyed and talk when words like ‘Sasu Maa’ and ‘Janani’ are used in battle. Shefali says that Paras always talks like this. Hindustani Bhau intervenes in battle. You can even watch the show:

Bigg Boss Transport Tasks announces. Paras read the Big Boss letter. Two teams are formed, one of Paras and the other of Aseem and Siddharth. Shehnaz, Himanshi, Mahira and Khesari and Arhan are in the team of Paras, while Aarti, Shefali, Aseem, Hindustani Bhau are in Siddharth’s team. At the end of the task, the team in which more people are left will be the winner.

Householders pick up the sacks from the warehouse and start putting them in their camps. The buzzer rings and both teams start loading trucks from the luggage. There is a debate between Aseem and Siddharth between the games. Unhappy with Aseem, Siddharth talks about being separated from him and says to play his game differently. Aseem talks to Siddharth and tries to convince him. Later, Aseem calls Siddharth sorry and embraces him.


Bottom Words!

Paras’ team loses a number, due to which Shahnaz is dropped from the team. During the task, there is a snarl, in which Mahira falls to the ground. In return, Bigg Boss gives harsh punishment to Siddharth. And at the same moment Devoleena and Rashmi Entry the house again.



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